2019 Season Preview

Garlic Sprout

Winter is a pretty exciting time around our farm, believe it or not. We’ve been busy planning all the details of the coming season, picking out seeds (my personal favorite), and updating stuff like our logo and website.

First, and very exciting for us, we’re currently working our way through the process of getting our farm Certified Organic. We feel like it’s a commitment worth making, and it’s part of our overall strategy for making our farm as sustainable as possible. It’s quite a process, but the folks at the Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association have been great as they’ve answered all of our questions and guided us through the process. If all goes well (fingers crossed!) we’ll be Certified Organic sometime during the early part of the season.

We thought long and hard about the best way to expand our offerings this season. We tried to focus on unique items that aren’t always available locally, with some old favorites mixed in, that also mature at different points in the season so we always have something new and fresh to offer. To that end, here’s what we came up with:

Early Season (April-June)

  • Fresh Wild Ramps (Apr-May)

  • Shiitake Mushrooms (Apr-Oct)

  • Grow-Your-Own shiitake mushroom logs (Apr-Oct)

  • Wine Cap Mushrooms (May-Jun & Sep-Oct)

  • Live plants like Black Cohosh, Trilliums & Bloodroot (Apr-Jun)

  • Assorted fresh, seasonal herbs (Jun-Oct)

  • Assorted fresh flowers (Jun-Oct)

Mid Season (July-September)

  • Many of the items above, plus…

  • Fresh garlic braids & bulbs - 7 varieties (Jul-Dec)

  • Golden Oyster Mushrooms (timing is variable)

  • Peppers - 18 types - from sweet to the hottest around (Jul-Sep)

  • Squash - because who doesn’t like squash? (Jul-Sep)

  • Assorted dry herbs for cooking, tea & medicine (Jul-Dec)

Late Season (October-December)

  • Many of the items above, plus…

  • Assorted Mushrooms - 9 types (timing & yields highly variable)

  • Fresh Ginger, Turmeric & Horseradish roots! (Oct-Dec)

  • Dried herb roots like ginseng, goldenseal & bloodroot for natural dye and medicine-making

We may have forgotten a couple things but that’s a pretty good snapshot of what we’ll have to offer. Can’t wait to share!

You’ll be able to find us at the Spring Zanesville Farmers’ Market on Saturdays starting April 13. We’ll also be at the Canal Market District in downtown Newark starting May 3. We’re excited to see you there!

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