Photo: Ty Wright  Image of American Ginseng, panax quinquefolius


Allium tricoccum

We're fortunate to have a large population of wild ramps, and we manage them sustainably, with an eye toward the future, so our kids can enjoy them as much as we do.  But don't worry, we still have plenty to share every spring.  Ramps are normally available during April and May each year.

Photo: Ty Wright  Image of wild ramps, hand crafted and sustainably managed.


Allium sativum

We love garlic, I mean really love garlic.  It's easily the most versatile plant we grow with endless culinary uses and well-established health benefits. Each year we grow 6 to 10 different varieties. Garlic scapes are also delicious and are usually available throughout June. Freshly cured garlic bulbs are available beginning late-July.

Ginseng in the Woods

American Ginseng

Panax quinquefolius

One of the most mysterious and storied of all the woodland plants, Ginseng holds a special place in the history of herbal medicine, and the Appalachian region where it grows wild.  Today though, due to irresponsible harvesting over generations and the loss of natural habitat, American Ginseng is a threatened species across its native range, making conservation of this precious resource a top priority on our farm. We plant and harvest our Ginseng each year when the weather turns cool in October and November.